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The Problem:

  • Medical staff typically have a difficult time recognizing and tracking Covid
  • Currently PCR tests only give positive/negative and high false results. When combined with ultrasound – the results are very accurate
  • LUS (Lung Ultrasound) with AI detection can flag and track Covid progress and lung damage

Background to Solution


Advantages of using Lung UltraSound (LUS) to detect COVID

  • LUS is radioactive free and easily accessible
  • LUS is able to detect COVID with over 95% accuracy
  • LUS is able to track COVID progress with high accuracy.
  • LUS is able to identify COVID damage to lungs.
  • “Lung ultrasound scan” is able to detect COVID-19 and to predict during the first evaluation in the emergency dept, patients at risk of intensive care unit admission and death” Dr Nicola Bonodia – Deptt of emergency medicine at Agonisto Gemelli University Policlinic